Our values

Equal Opportunities 

We don’t think everyone can have the same life, but everyone should have the same opportunities to succeed in life. And this the reason why we are working to develop education in countries that need it the most.


We move forward in these projects, we need to be close to local people. That’s why we make a point to know personally everyone involved in our incredible missions: our volunteers, our contributors, the schools’ staff… This proximity is the key to keep the essential human aspect within our exchanges.


Our entire project, its model and our missions are built around a core value: sharing, which is the key to succeed. We are involved to share our technological expertise with the schools but also to see the teachers we have trained share their recently acquired knowledge with their students to help them thrive in their life.

Long term vision

We want to have a long term impact, because improving the schools’ structure is our way to improve education and technological knowledge: a better access to education is a mean to fight poverty in countries that are sometimes dramatically impacted by this problem. By helping some schools each year it’s the entire society that will retrieve benefits on the long term.

We are dedicated to follow on a regular basis the schools who benefited from our help, to follow their progress and help them in other sectors if they need it.