Our actions

We identify schools whose teachers and directors are highly motivated to move forward and enter the technological revolution. We are here to bring our expertise and our help but the motivation must be on both end : having a local staff highly involved is the key to success!

When a school contacts us and meet our criteria of admission, we enter the game to offer it the « technological kit« . This kit includes two elements:


  • The implementation of 5 computers (for the first step) that will allow internet access, access to the data base and computer courses for the students. Of course one of our members will come in the school to train the teachers to use the data base and the technological essentials. We will use Raspberry Pi3 with a LCD monitor to gain in efficiency.
  • The implementation of solar panels to run the computers and allow students to follow computer courses with the constant risk of power failure.

This pack is a first step for the schools, who have to take the time to get used to these new technologies and to train their students to give them access to more job opportunities. For the most motivated schools we will accompany them further in their development : bring a more significant number of computers, train the teachers on specific topics (coding, Excel, web design…).

Once this pack is installed, a member will come every year in the school to check if the systems are still working and give more training based on the advancement of the technologies.